WASJA Statement on the 01/06/2021 Domestic Terrorist Attack on the Capital

We here at Wachusett Area Social Justice Alliance are deeply disturbed by the acts of Domestic Terrorism that unfolded in our Nation's Capital last week. Although we are disturbed, we wish we were also surprised. This hatred, violence, while more blatant than usual, as to the intent, it is not new. This did not start with Donald Trump nor will it end with him. These are symptoms of white supremacy and a society that continues to enable it. 

If we want any chance at justice and peace in the future, we must be honest about the lack of them in the past and present. We must learn from our mistakes or we are doomed to repeat them. The truth matters. Accountability matters. 

As heartbreaking as this is to watch unfold, we will not be deterred from our mission. We will let it serve as a reminder of the hard work and dedication needed from all of us. If we truly want to see a change in our nation, we must start holding it to a higher standard!